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Our Mission

To transform lives through the gift of clean, safe water for all. 

What We Do

WFA works around the globe to serve those in desperate need of clean water by providing Vivoblu water filtration systems that are purpose-built for use in the harshest conditions.  Through our seasoned knowledge of clean water solutions and global network of passionate and caring donors, WFA provides people with life-changing water solutions to enable them to meet a basic human need.  We serve people of every nation, religion and background.


Water for All's founders have many years and countless hours of humanitarian mission work with a focus on finding sustainable clean-water solutions for the communities they served. When none of the solutions available on the market were delivering the quality, quantity, and long-term clean water solutions the people in these communities needed and deserved, they decided to take their knowledge and start creating solutions.  One of the first solutions designed, the Vivoblu water filter, inspired our mission and created a unique launch pad into the world of water and the global effort fighting daily to address the growing crisis. We believe access to clean water is a basic human right. It is our mission to impact this growing army of human-rights advocates by providing practical, sustainable water solutions based on each communities unique needs.



The need for clean, safe water transcends all borders, races, and cultures,

but the need is especially great in developing, war torn and disaster affected countries.


people worldwide still lack access to clean safe drinking water, most of them in the developing world.   


a child dies from a water related disease—the leading cause of death for children 5-9 worldwide.   


people around the world die every single week due to preventable water-related illnesses.  

In the places where water-related death and disease are daily realities, clean water transforms lives and opens hearts.


We have seen first-hand in the developing world how the gift of clean water can open doors that might otherwise be closed, and can open hearts to receiving the Good News about Jesus. Bringing clean water to meet a family’s physical needs helps to establish the trust for also sharing the Living Water that meets their spiritual needs. 


In addition, the gift of a water filter system provides a natural reason for a ministry or mission organization to return repeatedly to villages, homes, and schools.  Visits to check and maintain the filter system form the foundation for an ongoing relationship with the recipients, during which the love of Jesus Christ can be shared.  

Partner With Us

WFA provides practical and sustainable water filters and systems at no cost to organizations that meet our partner program requirements.


We seek to empower and equip Christian ministries, missionaries, and humanitarian organizations with this life-changing tool so that they can be more effective at meeting the needs of their communities while sharing the love of Jesus with the people they serve.  

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