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Solving the Water Crisis Starts with

At the core of every nation, city and community on earth are families—living together, working together, and caring for one another.  At Water for All, we believe that the best strategy to solving the water crisis around the world starts with these family units.  That’s why our solution centers on deploying dependable household point-of-use filter systems that meet the water needs of a family of 5-10 people for less than $30 per year. 


The Vivoblu CORE Family 0.1 Micron Filtration Systems are the only household water filters specifically designed for the challenging conditions of the developing world.  These durable, economical water treatment systems are simple to use and easy to clean, providing safe water at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. They require no electricity, and their revolutionary design allows them to be hand-washed without any separate tools.  In addition, Vivoblu filters provide the fastest flow rates and the highest level of microfiltration possible with a gravity-based system.  





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  • Vivoblu CORE Family filter is specifically designed to meet the needs of an entire family of 5-10 for 2+ years.

  • With an industry leading flow rate of less than 1 liter per minute, these systems are capable of providing more than 1440 liters per day. ​​

  • Powered by medical-grade hollow fiber membrane technology, the 0.1 micron filter removes 99.99999% of harmful bacteria, protozoa and cysts.  


  • Made with rugged materials, a multi-layer defense structure, and a Quick-Swap filter cartridge, this filter is built to last longer than any other filter on earth.

  • Vivoblu's revolutionary Smart-Clean system allows the filter to be cleaned by hand with no backwashing, no tools and no risk of backwards contamination.

  • The water from a Vivoblu filter costs less than $0.001 per liter under normal use, making it by far the most affordable water solution for developing world families.


Water Filters?

We often get asked why we use filters over other approaches to providing water, such as drilling wells or building community-wide treatment systems.  First, there’s no single magic bullet.  It’ll take many methods working in concert to solve the global water crisis, and each solves different parts of the equation.  When we studied the global water landscape, the most glaring gap we saw was the safety of water at the point of use. 


Many organizations around the world focus on drilling wells, which provide closer access to water.  This is valuable, but it does nothing to ensure the safety of water by the time it is consumed.  In developing world communities, source water—whether from wells, streams, bore holes, or a central municipal supply—is gathered by families in available containers and brought home for stagnant storage and use.  This process introduces and promotes bacterial growth at every step.  By the time the water is consumed, it’s contaminated.  In addition, wells and central treatment facilities are expensive, single point-of-failure systems that affect entire communities when they invariably break or need parts replaced.  Our decentralized approach—using affordable, durable filters that reside at the point of use—solves both of these problems and ensures that water is safe every time it’s drawn for use.




Vivoblu Products

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