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Custom Water Bladder Backpacks for Ukraine Filter Deployment

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

One of the key challenges we and our NGO partners faced when deciding to deploy water filters into Ukraine was the uncertainty of supply chain for procuring buckets to use with our filters. We put this question to our sister company, Vivoblu, and they responded with immediate innovation: a brand new water bladder backpack made especially for this kind of disaster relief crisis.

It's a Water Bladder... No, it's a Hanging Water Dispenser... No, it's a Backpack. Actually, it's all three!

Vivoblu is known for its rapid product innovation, so we were hopeful when we asked them for a unique solution to the problem in Ukraine. Our NGO partners told them that buckets might not be available in Ukraine, and that even if they were, they were too bulky to move around a war zone because they simply required too much space, which is at a premium going into Ukraine. All of us needed a solution that could pack extremely small, be lightweight, hold significant water, be portable for refugees on the move, but could also serve as a permanent solution for people at home. Vivoblu delivered a water bladder backpack that does all of the above and then some!

The water bladder backpack produced by Vivoblu is made of 100% food-safe material, which is rugged, durable and puncture resistant. It holds 10L of water, and it rolls down and clips together at the top to make it watertight. With 2 adjustable straps, it can be worn as a backpack, or it can be hung as a water dispenser from any fixed point. The bag has a reinforced pre-made hole for quick installation of the Vivoblu CORE Family Filter without the need for any tools at all. In addition, it has a handle on the back that allows for easy scooping of water from a source or lifting/hanging the bag when full.

We and our NGO partners are so excited about deploying the Vivoblu filters along with this water bladder backpack into Ukraine as a kit. So many people have no access to clean water there, and they are having to use unimproved water sources like streams, lakes, and puddles. This bag will allow them to scoop up water from any freshwater source, and with our filter installed, it will provide unlimited clean, safe drinking water. It's a great solution where buckets or other containers may be hard to procure, ship or deliver. Vivoblu has been testing this bag before deploying into Ukraine, and we think this bag/filter kit will have great potential in many other disaster scenarios all over the world!

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