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Custom Ukrainian Instructions and Videos Aid Deployment in Ukraine

"What does this do?"

"How do I use it?"

"How does it make dirty water clean?"

"Can I really trust it?!"

These are just a few of the questions our deployment teams get asked by Ukrainians when they receive our water filters. In normal deployments, we try to spend a little time with each new recipient of our filter, helping them install and use it for the first time while training them on maintenance and answering questions like these. But given the ever-changing landscape of war in Ukraine, deployment operations there can be extremely unpredictable.

Oftentimes our teams have to move in and out of areas fast, and are forced to quickly drop off supplies. So the filter packages we were deploying needed to speak for themselves... and do it in Ukrainian! So we reached out to Vivoblu and asked them what they could make to help solve this problem. The answer was a 6-panel folded "Quick-Start Guide" written entirely in Ukrainian, and a new Ukrainian version of the assembly video!

The 6-panel Quick-Start Guide folds up like an accordion, and has English on the other side so that English-speaking teams can reference it when explaining it to recipients if needed. The guide uses simple pictograms to show the various ways to configure the filter and which parts are needed. It also has sections explaining usage, cleaning, the science behind the filter technology, and why it can be trusted. See below for the English translation.

These printed pieces will be inserted into every filter that is deployed in Ukraine, and should help the recipients understand and utilize their filter systems even better. In addition to this printed piece, Vivoblu also made us a Ukrainian version of their "Adaptability" video, which demonstrates all the different was the filter system can be utilized. This video can be shown by our deployment teams and shared by the filter recipients themselves to gain an even better understanding of how the filter systems can be adapted to almost any environment.

Check out this Ukrainian video below:

We're so thankful to Vivoblu for donating these important materials, which will make the deployment of water filters even more successful. Now we need your help to bring these materials and our life-saving water filter systems to more Ukrainians in need! For every $65 you donate, you help bring a new filter system and water bladder backpack to a Ukrainian family, serving the entire family (up to 20 people!) with clean, safe drinking water. Please help us bring relief and hope to more families. Donate clean water below!

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