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Join our Fight for
Ukrainians in Need

Water for All is in the midst of an urgent campaign to bring life-saving clean water to victims of the Ukraine war.  Across the country, utilities have been destroyed and water supplies contaminated, forcing millions trapped in Ukraine to seek unsafe water from lakes, streams, drainage ditches, puddles and melted ice.  Millions more have fled to refugee camps near the borders, where the need for clean water is already desperate.  Water for All has already put multiple teams on the ground in Ukraine and Poland to deploy the Vivoblu gravity-based filter solutions along with a custom 10L water bladder backpack, and we have established direct channels to deploy tens of thousands more filter kits to those in need all across Ukraine. 

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Direct Deployment
into Ukraine &
Border Areas

Through key partnerships as well as our own boots on the ground, Water for All brings immediate relief to those who desperately need it right now.  We have already deployed two of our own teams to Ukraine and Poland--brining clean water to thousands--and will be continuing to send more teams. We also rely on key partners who have established deep deployment networks within Ukraine, and are actively supplying humanitarian goods to every corner of the country.  These partners provide access to war ravaged areas that we alone can't reach.  Our partners include Ukrainian government agencies, paramilitary groups operating under the radar, humanitarian NGOs, and native Ukrainian operatives.  Through our own efforts and those of our partners, we are able to deploy hundreds of thousands of water filters to those in need inside Ukraine even while the war rages on.  In addition, we have created alliances with organizations operating on the Polish, Romanian and Moldovan borders, where the need for clean water is growing worse every day. They can also help hundreds of thousands of war refugees with our life-saving water filters. 


Bring Water and Hope to Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine is dire. Survivors of war are dying from the basic lack of clean water.  They need our help.  Every filter you donate will provide safe clean drinking water for up to 10 people or more.  Your donation helps us give a Vivoblu CORE Family 0.1 Micron Filter kit along with our Rugged 10L Water Bladder Backpack, which allows refugees to carry water with them on their backs or hang the bladder at home as a clean water dispenser.  Our teams on the ground are ready and waiting to deploy these immediately to bring relief to the men, women and children of Ukraine.  While the war rages on, the need is increasing dramatically every day.  But this crisis is far from over. When the war ends and the people of Ukraine return to their homes in areas ravaged by destruction, the need will increase exponentially as they try to rebuild without access to basic necessities such as safe water.   Help us save lives bring hope to Ukraine.  Join our fight!  Donate now.

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Our Partners

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